IEEE World Technology Summit

San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA   •    Nov. 12-14, 2024

AI is the future but needs the right infrastructure to succeed

All-keynote-speaker event

This event features top executives from around the world who describe the burning issues surrounding AI and how to solve our immediate problems, focusing on these core areas:

  • Al applications and their required infrastructure
  • Silicon to support Al applications
  • Systems to support Al applications
  • Standards and security


Please join us in California for the first-ever IEEE World Technology Summit, where companies and researchers come together to solve the technical challenges involved in creating the latest competitive products and services. This is a pre-product examination of issues and possible solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is critical to many technical aspects of our future including improved language interactions, more effective medical procedures, optimized factory operations, and many others.  But we need the infrastructure for AI to work. This infrastructure includes computing devices, communications, power issues, standards, and security.

To form an event to address the above issues, we asked leaders in companies engaged in building this infrastructure to list the issues they saw as critical for the development of future products. These leaders helped provide the topics for IEEE WTS.  And they are bringing senior speakers to address concerns, challenges, possible solutions, and engagements during pre-product development. This cooperation should lead to stronger more effective infrastructure for AI, which is critical to make AI work.

Companies are invited to sponsor, engage, and have your employees attend this event.

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